So, I’ve been looking for items other than scary dolls to share with you and – while there are A LOT of those – I have found a few strange lots.

One thing I’ve noticed whilst browsing upcoming auctions is the surprising amount of Nazi regalia on sale. I mean… who is sitting there in the auction room, covering their toothbrush moustache with one hand and holding their buyer number up with the other?


If I were at at auction, I would be judging the shit out of you for bidding on this stuff. I mean, what’s your excuse for buying a Nazi flag? “Uh… it’s not for me. It’s for a friend…” “I’m not racist but… check out this cool flag I just bought.” “Say what you want about Hitler, but he knew how to choose a great logo”. One item that particularly made me gawp was this Nazi NSDAP document stamp.

“Yours sincerely, Nick Griffin.” Stamp.


The next WTF item amuses me when I think about it in context. At most auctions, there are at least one or two really rare, expensive pieces. I would love to hear this item follow an intricately painted Ming vase or something… “Coming up now is lot 83 – a 9ct gold pendant formed as a cannabis leaf.” *A hush falls over the auction room, broken only by the odd gasp of wonderment. An elderly lady takes her handkerchief from her pocket and dabs at her eye, a single tear rolls down her cheek. It’s… it’s beautiful.*


Speaking of old dears, here is a fairly disturbing inkwell, modelled as an old woman! It was between this and a really angry looking taxidermy fox for my third and final WTF item, but she wins, hands down (if she had hands). I mean, what’s going on here? Is that a shower cap on her head? Why are her eyes so small? I don’t want her living out her twilight years having to hold her mouth open like that so people can dip their quill in it. STOP IT – you filthy dogs! That was not a euphemism.

If you see any other weird lots for sale, let me know and I’ll feature them in next week’s round-up.