I’m typing this from a hospital bed, with my left hand, because my right kidney is rebelling and there’s a cannula in my right arm, which feels icky to bend. I’m on the women’s ward, which is being run superbly by a team of lovely nurses. My neighbour is a sweet old lady who thanks Jesus a lot as she’s falling asleep (and then snores like a trooper). It seemed fitting to write a post inspired by this setting and, luckily, the auction world did not fail to deliver.

Here’s some cool stuff you could buy this week, if you happen to be into medical collectables:

This pun: too much to stomach?


  1. A 20th century medical model of a human stomach split into two halves, for auction by East Bristol Auctions (16-17th Feb). The current bid is £40 quid and could go up to £60, proving that the stomach could Fundus* in more than just one way…                       lead
  2. Two lead hospital patients, one with a grey blanket, the other with brown (apparently – it looks more like red to me). This is how I feel right now: old, leaden and not exactly feeling a million dollars, (more like an estimate of £10-20).                                     capture
  3. A US army nurse doll which is described rather nicely by the good folk at Alexander Historical Auctions: “The doll is housed in its original shipping carton, addressed to “The Merry McIntires” of Jefferson, Illinois, from Capt. J. McIntire, U.S. Army Medical Corps. Our research shows that McIntire was herself a nurse. The box bears several ink inscriptions, including: ‘Do Not Open Until Christmas Day!’ and ‘There Are Always Surprises At Christmas!’ The postmark gives a date of Nov. 15, 1944, squarely during wartime.” The auctioneer’s estimate stands at $150-200 (auction takes place on 18th and 19th Feb). I reckon this is the least scary doll I’ve seen on The Sale Room so far.

There are quite a few medical curiosities to be found at auction, especially when you’re lying in a hospital bed with not much else to do. That’s all from me today – the old lady in the bed opposite mine has just asked one of the nurses for breakfast (it’s almost 10pm) and is now happily munching away on Rice Krispies.

Good night.

*niche stomach pun of which I am smugly proud

Callipo ice lollies – part of every medical practitioner’s kit