If you thought last week’s WTF items were more frightening than Trump’s chubby little chipolata fingers all over those nuclear codes then buckle up – I’ve got some corkers for you today.


  1. Starting with the least scary – how about this confused dog, who clearly got way too drunk last night. Now it’s the morning and he’s just caught sight of himself in the mirror. He isn’t sure if his life choices have been the best lately. The booze blues have kicked in and now he is having an existential crisis. We’ve all been there, buddy. Want a post-Pinot pooch to remind you not to drink too much? He could be yours for £30-50 on 15/16th Feb (probably the 15th – he’s lot 905).                                       silverwoods-of-lancashire-wtf-genie
  2. Now, I know we all loved Robin Williams’ genie in Aladdin. He was a big blue extrovert with an excellent twiddly beard. BUT Royal Doulton apparently did not care for this representation of the genie and instead created this guy. He looks a bit like Lord Varys from Game of Thrones but red and with a strange tash. If this is your vibe, the auction is on the 16th and starts at 10am. You’ll have to be prompt as, somewhat coincidentally, this genie is lot number three!                                                                              dolls-wtf-mitchells
  3. Remember Toy Story? Specifically the mutant toys in that young psychopath Sid’s room? This lot contains an image that will take you right back to that film. Let me start by how it’s described: “A vintage doll with sleep eyes together with another, in parts”. In. Parts. The sister doll looks like she’s egging him on, as he somehow manages to drag his dismembered body across the floor. Chucky ain’t got nothing on this little dude and his ‘sleep eyes’ friend.                                                                                           wtf-mitchells-humpty-dumpty
  4. And finally – while we’re on all of the top horror movie cliches – how about we send in the clowns? Well, one clown, who is clearly pointing out where Humpty Dumpty should go and sit. Why? Well, apparently he’s a “pre-1935 Schoenhut ‘Humpty Dumpty’ circus clown with 2 chairs”. What this actually means, I don’t know. But for now, my interpretation is that he directed Humpty Dumpty to sit on that wall when there were two good, empty chairs available. Maybe that fall wasn’t actually a fall…

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