Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve picked these auction highlights from the taxidermy category (subcategory: bad). Here are the top three ‘freaked out’ boars, chosen by facial expression. I’ll be taking your votes on the best boar later.


  1. This guy from Victor Mee Auctions. Personally, I think this is the least bad example of taxidermy (not that I know anything about the dark arts of taxidermy). He looks a bit drunk. We’ll call him ‘falling on the floor boar’.                                                                  jefferys
  2. This guy is on sale at Jeffereys. I like him, because he looks like he’s just seen his mate arrive at the bar and he’s shouting “maaaate!” For this reason, he shall be called the ‘lads on tour boar’.                                                                                                              fotor_148614186192282-1
  3. Boar number three is being sold at Stroud Auctions and looks like he’s having his mugshot taken. I admit: I may have edited these two photos together to make him look more like a perp. Let’s call him ‘GET YOUR HANDS ON THE FLOOR boar’.

Which boar is the best boar?