What I love about auctions (and why I spend so much time browsing catalogues on the sale room) is the huge variety of items for sale. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something elegant, whimsical or just downright weird (I don’t think I could pull off having a glass case of taxidermied ferrets in my living room… although it does remind me of the set design in a play  I once saw. Philip Ridley – ‘The Fastest Clock in the Universe’  – I recommend it).


Anyway, I’ll break my highlights from this week’s auctions into a few posts, so you’re not scrolling (or clicking if you’re on an old school desktop – check you out) down for ages. First up is this ink drawing by William Papas (1927-2000), titled “Manchester Cathedral on a Rainy Day” (signed and titled, 37.5 x 24cm.; 14.75 x 9.5in).


I’m biased, of course, because I live in this beautiful city, but I think this is great. And it’s a good likeness – it is usually raining in Manchester!

This particular piece of art will be featured tomorrow in a live auction by Peter Wilson fine art auctioneers. It starts at 10am and this is lot 23, so don’t be late.

My second pick (because apparently I’m a magpie, and shiny things attract my attention) is this Art Deco emerald, diamond and cultured pearl cluster ring (size Q). It’s the emerald and the scalloped border that do it for me. Fellows, the auctioneer, gives a comprehensive condition report on the website and has given this ring an estimated sale value of £80-120.

gilt-mirror-and-towel-railBuyer’s premium is slightly higher than some of the other auctioneers around at 23% but this ring is a beauty and if you love the Art Deco era then this is a bargain. The auction is tomorrow, starting at 10am and this is lot one… so the ‘don’t be late’ warning applies more here.

You can place a reserve bid online if you can’t watch live, but at the time of writing there were 23 people ‘watching’ this particular item, so I think the sale price will be more like £150-200. I’ll be interested to see how accurate my amateur estimate is tomorrow.


The final item in today’s post is an elaborate (and I mean that in a good way) giltwood oval wall mirror, which is accompanied by a small folding towel rail. It’s for sale at McTear’s in Glasgow, or live online, on 3rd Feb. There’s no reserve price and the bidding will open at £5. Buyer’s premium is 26% (I take back what I said, Fellows), but if the price is low enough, I’m sure you could talk yourself into it. And who doesn’t love a bonus towel rail?


OK, I lied… when I was searching for the image of this mirror, I found an equally – if not more – cool one. So now this – this – is the last item today. Check out this epic Victorian oval mirror which also appears to have candlesticks attached. You can find this beauty at Bristol Auction Rooms (or bid online) tomorrow. The auction starts at 10.30am and this is lot 551. The auctioneer’s estimate is £100-150. There’s already a bid of £60 on it, so I expect it will sell towards the higher end of this estimate.

Which item do like like best? Let me know if you bid on any.