Architectural salvage yards are great for architectural features such as ceiling roses, but if the issue of budget is a thorn in your side, don’t worry; there are other options.

Laura, my ceiling rose

I bought a ceiling rose made from P.U.Resin (Hard Polyurethane) and HDPS (CO – Polymer) from NMC-Copley. It cost just over £50 plus delivery, and the detail on it is exceptional.


The main benefit of buying coving and cornice products in this material is that you can fit it yourself. And I don’t think, unless you have a grade 1 listed property, that you need to feel guilty about not installing the real deal. After all, if the Victorians had these production methods at their disposal at the time, they’d probably have used them too.

… after (still in the dark, after switching the power off to install)

I bought the light from Pear Mills Antique Emporium in Stockport and while it was beautiful (in my eyes) before, it looks even more grand now. If you can see the details on the arms of the light, you can see why I picked this particular ceiling rose, as it seems to utilise similar shapes (peep the four protruding features on the rose).